Hiking holiday in Selva Val Gardena

The unique mountain landscape of the Dolomites, which surrounds our newly renovated hotel, offers you fantastic adventure opportunities in all seasons.
Cows on the mountain pasture
Summer - mountain idyll

Summer Holiday in Val Gardena Dolomites

Be active where sport is fun

You’ll most likely spend most of the time outdoors taking in that fresh air. The fresh mountain air, lush green meadows and an apparently infinite network of hiking trails invite you to go outside, be active and forget the everyday grind. Even climbers, mountain climbers and mountain bikers can have fun in Dolomites Val Gardena. There are different vie ferrate which can be easily reached from Dolomites Val Gardena in a short time.

Overlook the sea of flowers that cover the mountain pastures and fields down in the valleys. A picture-perfect setting, with birds happily singing to the tune of babbling brooks and roaring waterfalls, the water flowing downwards towards the further valleys.

Let our hiking guide and mountain bike guide Patrick advise you daily about weather, hikes, tours and insider tips!!!

Hiking holiday in Selva
Hiking & Walking
Alpine hut - Passo Gardena in summer
Val Gardena is located in South Tyrol and is the perfect place to live the most intense experiences in the heart of the unique Dolomites mountains throughout the whole year. The landscape of this outdoor paradise outdoes itself with remarkable natural phenomena which can only be experienced here in such an impressive manner. Enjoy this winter sports paradise, discover the beautiful contrasts in Val Gardena in spring or see the unique variety of flowers blooming across the mountain meadows during early summer. It is an Eldorado for hikers, climbers, and mountain bikers; and let’s not forget about the mystical autumn days and the mesmerising „Burning Dolomites“ light spectacle taking place across the imposing mountainous landscape.


A walk in nature walks the soul back home.
Dolomites Val Gardena dons its most beautiful outfit during summer. Hikers will be convinced of this themselves when they see summer meadows and mountain summits dipped in sunshine. You have to understand that putting a number to the paths in Dolomites Val Gardena is simply impossible: you see, new paths are always popping up and everyone opens up to a new view as soon as you change your perspective. Regardless of your choice, be it a pleasant stroll featuring leisurely lift rides or demanding climbs, every hiker will find a variety of tours that warm the cockles of their heart. And, of course, a tasty meal is never too far away: you can enjoy picnic areas surrounded by lush nature and head to countless mountain huts that will prepare healthy and hearty dishes.


Unique hot spots for photographers in the Dolomites.
Hiking in autumn
Autumn – Burning Dolomites
Burning Dolomites

Autumn in the Dolomites

When summer comes to an end, a magical time begins here with us.
A unique natural spectacle in Val Gardena.

When the summer slowly comes to an end, nature finds its peace and the sky appears clearer than ever, then there is a very special natural spectacle to observe in Val Gardena: Burning Dolomites (the burning mountains).

From the middle of September, the needles of the larch turn from green to yellow, and then to glowing orange, red and brown. At the same time, a special and deep sunlight makes the Dolomites (UNESCO World Heritage) appear wonderfully red. The myth-enshrouded “Pale Mountains” transform into glowing rocks: the edges, points and towers are immersed in a magical sunlight, framed by a crystal-clear and radiantly blue sky, typical of the stable fine weather conditions in autumn.

Photographers and nature watchers love to visit the Dolomite valley at this time of year, when it becomes peaceful and tranquil – visitors are truly astonished by the spectrum of colors.